Replace your bathtub with a walk-in shower


When you renovate your bathroom, you may want to replace your existing bathtub with a walk in shower. Since most bathtubs are a standard 60 inches long, the home improvement suppliers have developed standard 60 inch long shower solutions designed to fit the space. 

Although the choices may seem overwhelming, it really comes down to choosing a shower pan, wall system and door that fits your budget and design vision. Choices range from shower “kits” all the way to complete custom tile jobs. 

In most cases, the renovation will include removing the existing wall tiles as well as the drywall or plaster around your bathtub. Replacing your shower valve and installing lumber in the walls to support grab bars and shelves is always a good idea since the walls will be open. Once the shower components get installed, the walls and floor in the rest of your bathroom renovation can blend in to your new shower area and you’ll soon forget you ever had the old tub.