Can I have a pocket door here?

  French doors being converted to pocket doors

French doors being converted to pocket doors

For small rooms like a hallway powder room or a mud room, a pocket door can be just the answer to a tricky room layout issue. Instead of swinging into the usable room space, a pocket door slides into the wall when the door is open. Furniture placement and traffic pattern issues solved.

Pocket doors can also be installed with a joining kit to allow 2 doors to close together. In the image above, a set of hinging French doors were converted to a pocket door arrangement. When the doors are open, they tuck neatly into the wall instead of taking up space in the room. 

Installing a pocket door in a new wall involves framing the proper rough opening size when the wall is being built. It’s best to have the door hardware on hand when the wall is built so the instructions with the proper opening size are available. 

Replacing a regular hinged door with a pocket door involves opening up the existing wall twice as wide as the actual door. This step is required to remove some wall studs where the door will tuck away, install the new framing above the door and close it all in with new drywall and trim.

Pocket doors have their place in life, but sometimes solving a tricky room layout issue hinges on the use of one.