Can I put vinyl plank flooring over my ceramic tiles?

   Ceramic floor grout lines filled flush for Vinyl flooring

Ceramic floor grout lines filled flush for Vinyl flooring

Updating your old ceramic tile floor can be a great way to give your renovation a clean slate. In some cases, your old ceramic floor may need to be removed, but often times your new floor can go directly on top of the old ceramic tiles. One of the best flooring materials to cover ceramic tile is Vinyl Plank Flooring (also called luxury vinyl flooring or floating/interlocking vinyl). This relatively new flooring material is suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and entrance hallways and is usually less than a quarter inch thick.

If you decide to install vinyl plank flooring over ceramic tile it’s recommended that the old tile grout lines get covered with floor leveler to create a uniform surface. This ensures the new vinyl floor will lay flat and the old grout lines won’t show up as indents in your new vinyl floor over time.

When considering if you should remove your old ceramic tile, consider things such as the height of adjacent flooring and clearance under doors. If you already have a large step up transition from adjacent flooring, now is the time to bite the bullet and remove the ceramic floor instead of increasing the step up height even further by installing the vinyl over top.

The best part about using vinyl plank flooring is the wide variety of looks available, the affordable price and the relatively easy installation. Just take a trip down the vinyl plank flooring isle at your local home renovation store and you’ll see that the new vinyl floor is nothing like grandmas vinyl floor.